Topper Pro Plus Curing Blanket

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Topper Pro Plus concrete curing blanket is designed for both hot and cold weather curing. The black polyethylene layer facing up during cold weather curing absorbs and transfers heat from the sun down to the concrete, with the low emissive aluminum layer reflecting heat generated from the concrete back to its source. Conversely, positioned with the low emissive aluminum layer facing up during hot weather curing, the sun’s heat is reflected which prevents the water in the concrete from evaporating too quickly. These methods allow the concrete to maintain sufficient levels of water and heat so the concrete can achieve its desired physical properties.

Topper Pro Plus applications include wall forms, slabs-on-grade, curbs, gutters, footings and pier boxes. In addition to curing properties, it can protect concrete from weather elements such as wind, rain, sleet and snow, or used as a reflective blanket for ground thaw applications.

Topper Pro Plus

Sizes:48" x 125', 96" x 125'
Thickness: 5/16"

Topper® Pro Plus

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